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This is Africa

Status: In Development

Writer: Hayley Easton-Street



Poachers are ravaging the land, thousands of elephants slaughtered, hundreds of rangers killed. The brutal murder of a female ranger sparks Kate to expose the government corruption and secret deals that fuel the ivory trade.

Breaking News 

*This is Africa won bronze in The Hollywood Screenplay Contest*

*This is Africa is a finalist in The New York Screenplay Contest*

*This is Africa is a finalist in The Oaxaca Film Festival*


Status: In Development

Writer: Callum Andrew Johnston


An intense drama based on the true story of Marilou – a young Filipino girl who travels to Hong Kong in order to find work, so she can pay for her dying fathers medicine. After she arrives in Hong Kong she’s enticed to work as a maid in the home of the dysfunctional Yao family, but soon discovers she’s become a prisoner and finds herself a victim of abuse. The thought of her father suffering back home inspires her to escape her captivity, leaving her homeless and without identification. Fighting starvation, she’s forced to steal food from the market, but is soon saved by another Filipino woman called Velma, who offers her refuge. Due to her connections she finds Marilou work at a Toy Factory which is owned by a Scottish aristocrat, Lord Brendan Bannatyne. Most of the workers are working in terrible conditions because of Brendan negligence. Marilou witnesses the terrible conditions her colleagues have been forced to endure and tries to guide Brendan into becoming a better man by treating the workers with love and respect. Despite their differences, the pair can’t help but fall in love with one another. However, can Marilou put behind her traumatic past in order to find true love and happiness – whilst the Yao family go to extraordinary lengths to keep her from revealing their sinister secrets.

Water is Life
Status: In Development 
The amazing story of how a young girl changed thousands of peoples lives.